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Ask for the Leap Year Bonus
Sometimes your company won’t consider a raise because that will make you more expensive forever. But if you feel like you are really deserving, ask for a one time raise. Tory Johnson, workplace contributor for Good Morning America and business consultant at Women For Hire, recommends asking for a "spot bonus." Johnson told me, "You can say, 'I know it's not time for my annual review or I know salary budgets are frozen. Based on this significant contribution, I'm hoping you'll consider a spot bonus for me.' Remember a bonus is about going above and beyond. You don't get a bonus for doing your job—that's what your salary is for." Approach it like you would a raise—take some time to collect proof of what a great job you’ve been doing and strategize with your department’s fiscal calendar. You might also cozy up to someone in HR to find out what the precedent is for spot-bonuses in your department, so you can go in with a realistic number.