12 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Quitting Your Job
So you've been rehearsing your "You can't fire me—I quit!" speech in the mirror. But are you sure you want to take it out of the bathroom?
when to quit your job
1. Who Else Needs a Vote?
A friend of mine (whom I'll call Will) once told me a chilling story of how his wife came home from work one day with an air of triumph. "What happened?" Will asked, for obviously something had. "Did you get a promotion?" "No!" she said. "I quit!" He described the feeling of his heart falling to his feet. He worked, too, but she was the breadwinner. P.S. They had three children under the age of 3. I don't mean to be a career-change Cassandra here, but I must tell you that soon they were getting divorced. To Will, what stung wasn't that she wanted to change careers—he swore he would have been supportive of whatever she wanted to do—it was that she made the decision without him. Following your passion is wonderful. Leaving your family without health insurance is not.