22 Ways to Get a Great Deal on Anything
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Digital camera
Buy the Last Best Camera As Soon As the New Version Comes Out
"If there's one industry where you won't have to worry about your product not working with accessories due to it being the last model, it's cameras," says Darren Murph, managing editor for the technology blog Engadget. To score the best deal, wait until Canon or Nikon releases their new model, when the old cameras go on closeout sale. But act fast, says Murph. Manufacturers schedule their product launches about a year or two in advance, so by the time we hear about the new camera, they only have about a month's worth of the old inventory left to sell. Put the money you saved on a camera toward a new smartphone because Murph says that Android devices are often outdated within 18 months. "After that time, you can't count on Google to support your phone with future updates."