The Widlunds' Emotional Debt
Dr. Robin Smith
Psychotherapist Dr. Robin Smith is here to help Mark and Marnie Widlund figure out what their money problems are really hiding.

Dr. Robin says Marnie's out of control spending and careless financial choices are rubbing off on her teenage daughters, Victoria and Gracie. Victoria admits her attention often gets diverted away from academics and her grades aren't what she'd like them to be. "I just get tempted to go tanning or shopping or just do other stuff," she says.

No matter what boundaries Marnie initially sets, when Gracie and Victoria break the rules and overspend, they know they won't have to face any consequences. "My mom can't stick to what she says," Gracie says. Dr. Robin tells Marnie not only do the girls consider her a pushover, they also know they can't trust her word.

"It's neglectful to not give our children boundaries," Dr. Robin says. "Boundaries are a form of love."