The Widlunds' Disappointment
Marnie and Mark Widlund
When Oprah met the Widlund family, they admitted that super-sized debt had sent their family into a tailspin. Mark, a satellite installation manager, and Marnie, a benefit specialist, were bringing home about $80,000 a year—but they had no retirement savings, no life insurance and no college savings for their two daughters, Victoria and Gracie. They were $81,000 in debt.

The staggering debt took a toll on Mark and Marnie, who argued constantly over bills. Money coach Glinda Bridgforth, author of Girl, Get Your Credit Straight!, offered to help the Widlunds get their spending under control and help save their marriage. "I feel that [the marriage] is going to begin to heal itself once [Marnie and Mark] start to deal with the finances," Glinda said.

At first, Marnie and Mark made progress, but their struggles were not over.