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After Suze delivers her financial prescription, Felice says she's ready but Phil is hesitant. "The move I'd have to take a look at," he says.

Suze won't back downFelice and Phil must leave California. "I love Californialove it," she says. "But it is one of the most expensive states that you can live in throughout the entire United States. They have one of the highest state income taxes around." By moving to a state with a lower income taxor one that has no state income tax, like WashingtonSuze says you can give yourself a 5 to 10 percent salary increase.

Another reason to move away is to escape their reputation as big spenders. "You need to leave all your old definitions of yourself behind," Suze says. "You do have to go into financial detox. You do have to go into financial rehab. Leave it behind and go to someplace where you can breathe some fresh financial air."

Suze even has advice for Felice and Phil's friends and family. "If you see these two coming up anywhere, you are not to lend them money," she says. "Don't you [Felice] dare go to your parents and ask for help. This is not their problem. This is your problem. Stop asking others to save you. I want you to be a woman who can save yourself."

See how Phil and Felice are doing now.
FROM: Money Interventions: The Mom Who Shopped Her Family Broke
Published on January 01, 2006


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