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In just 12 months, the Egglestons paid off $26,000 in debt! From day one, David says Sally and Dan were determined to follow the Debt Diet principles.

"They were rock stars," David says. "These guys were not working as a team before we got to them, and the moment we came in ... they basically had an instant 'will do' attitude."

The first money-saving technique David taught the Egglestons was how to lower interest rates and waive credit card fees with one phone call. When they began, Sally and Dan had 12 credit cards, which were all were maxed out. By calling and writing letters to credit card companies, the Egglestons got reduced interest rates for 11 out of 12 cards, which saved them $15,000 in interest payments.

Then, the Egglestons went to work! Sally signed on to teach summer school, and Dan raised the rates at his lawn care business. The hard work paid off—they grew their income by $19,000.

Smart financial decisions also helped them raise their credit score by 100 points. Thanks to a good score, they qualified for a standard 30-year mortgage, which will save them $400 a month.
FROM: This is the Year to Get Richer!
Published on January 01, 2006


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