Maureen, an early reader of The Difference


Occupation: Assembly supervisor

Personal life: Married, three children, one granddaughter

Biggest financial concerns:
Having enough money in our emergency savings account and making wise investment decisions for retirement.

Lessons learned from The Difference: Taking calculated risks are necessary to grow and move ahead. I learned to recognize my attributes and attitudes and how they impact my decisions and how to recognize when changes need to be made that will have a more positive outcome. One of my favorite quotes from the book is: "Resilience is not about failing. It's about learning to do better the next time."

Favorite chapter from The Difference: In Chapter 6, "In Praise of the Do-Over," the questionnaire "How Do You Cope?" made me aware of the coping measures I use. In Chapter 7, "Taking Risks That Make Sense," I really liked the quote: "Luck is something we create by turning the risks of various events in our favor. We try new things. We look out for new opportunities. We are ready to receive the unexpected." In Chapter 11, "The Healing Power of Saving,"  I realized we should have more savings, so that has become our highest short-term financial priority.