Occupation: Executive administrator

Personal life: I moved to San Antonio, Texas, from west Texas in 2002 with no job, little money and $40,000 in debt. I couldn't make my minimum payments. 

I reconnected with my teenage sweetheart at my best girlfriend's 50th birthday party (he happens to be her brother). Since then, I have paid off several of my old credit cards, purchased a house and, together with my sweetheart, who is now my husband, we are slowly paying down our debts.

Biggest financial concerns:
My husband and I started our lives together at the ripe age of 50 (me) and 49 (him), and my biggest financial concern is paying off all our loans and credit cards before we retire and having enough money to pay for all our necessities.

Lessons learned from The Difference: I learned that it is not too late to start paying down debts, saving money and investing. I have learned not to worry about my finances 24 hours a day and not look back at what I should have done, but to go forward.

Favorite chapter from The Difference: Chapter 11, "The Healing Power of Saving." I have been fearful of looking forward to retirement, so my husband and I went online and used Ballpark E$timate® to fill in the blanks. I was pleasantly surprised that we are on the right track.