The Bradleys' New Routine
Jean Chatzky and the Bradleys
When money coach Jean Chatzky moved in with the Bradleys, she discovered an empty kitchen. Instead of shopping for groceries and cooking at home, the Bradleys were eating out three times a day, seven days a week—but all that's about to change. As Jean points out, the family can save $20,000 if they stop dining out.

To get Lisa started, Jean sets up the Bradley's kitchen with all the supplies they'll need to prepare meals at home. Lisa used to spend $800 a year on plasticware—now, her kitchen is stocked with real dishes that she can wash and reuse.

With a simple four-slice toaster, Jean estimates the Bradleys will save $2,500 a year on breakfast. A coffeemaker will save them another $1,300 a year. Thanks to a new blender, the Bradleys can make their own milk shakes and save an additional $200.