The Bradleys' Big Savings
Lisa and Steven Bradley one year ago
One year ago, Oprah challenged America to get out of debt. Millions got on board, including Lisa and Steven Bradley, a North Carolina couple who seemed to have it all. Lisa, a case manager, and her husband, a government employee, made $102,000 a year, lived in a new home with their children and owned four cars.

Secretly, the Bradleys were drowning in bills and were $170,000 in debt. On the verge of financial ruin—and divorce—Lisa and Steven agreed to work one-on-one with Jean Chatzky, a Debt Diet money coach, to see how much debt they could pay off in one year.

Jean traveled to North Carolina to help the Bradleys take control of their finances and start saving for their future. At first, Lisa resisted Jean's cost-cutting measures…did the Debt Diet work for this family?