Top five career picks for parents returning to work: Executive recruiter, nonprofit manager, sales representative, marketing analyst, accountant

Jennifer says many of the top jobs and careers for parents going back to work offer flexible schedules. Joining some professional organizations and attending conferences will help you get a firm handle on your chosen field, she says. If you are looking to get back into your former career, Jennifer says you need to reach out to your contacts. "Stay involved in your network—try to have lunch with old colleagues."

Top five career picks for military personnel getting into the private sector: Operations or intelligence analyst, network systems manager, field service engineer, operations manager logistics, senior trainer/training manager

Military personnel often retire in their 40s and want to continue working in a new career. Jennifer says translating a military career into a second-act job means dropping some of the military lifestyle. "Drop the sirs and ma'ams—loosen up a little so you are not seen as too stiff," Jennifer says. When moving from the military to the private sector, Jennifer says you should use your experience and look for an easy transition into operations or intelligence fields, where you can use your security clearance and background.

Top five career picks for people over 50: Nonprofit executive, patient rep, celebrant, financial adviser, teacher

Jennifer says getting into the nonprofit sector, becoming a patient representative in healthcare or a celebrant who performs at weddings, are all fulfilling jobs that many baby boomers are looking for. "[They are] looking for something meaningful that helps their community become better, while still getting a paycheck," Jennifer says. Your age and experience can also be an advantage if you are trying to market yourself as a consultant in your field. "You know how to cut costs, you may have dealt with a problem a company has gone through before," Jennifer says.

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