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If changing jobs or careers is on your mind, you are not alone. A Money magazine survey reveals that 60 percent of people are looking for a "fresh start" job. Jean talks with Jennifer Merritt, a special projects editor for Money , about the 20 best jobs in America for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Jennifer says the people surveyed who are looking for a new job or career varied from young people to retired military personnel and baby boomers. "So many people were thinking about making a change, trying to make a change or considering it," Jennifer says. "We thought it would be a good idea to take a peek at what kind of a second act is best for all these different people."

Top five career picks for the young and restless: Product/brand manager, staff nurse, property manager, public accountant, IT generalist, engineer

Many people who fall into the category of young and restless have been in the workforce for five or six years and are looking for higher pay, a chance of advancement and some control, Jennifer says. Anything you can do to prove you are ready to jump into a new career will help you transition to a new job, she says. "They are the group that is perhaps sought after, but also the most challenged at finding a new job," Jennifer says. "They have been schooled in a certain career and they have to show a commitment that they are ready for this next career." You may have to take classes, volunteer your time or get a different degree to get into a new field.

Becoming a nurse will guarantee you a job for years to come, Jennifer says, with more than 1 million job openings for nurses in the next eight years. "You could be a traveling nurse and see the country," she says. "You could get that three-day-a-week work schedule right now."

Top career picks for parents, military personnel and people over 50

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