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Suze pays a visit to Kelly's house to see what she's spending her money on. After stepping through the front door, the first thing she notices is Kelly's big-screen television.

"Right here is your one month's rent to your sister," Suze says. "Can you imagine how that makes [your sister] feel every time she walks in here?"

While touring the rest of the house, Suze says she isn't surprised to find every room in utter chaos. "When you can't respect what money can buy, you can't respect money—period," Suze says. "When somebody lives in such chaos, your inner soul is chaotic. Somebody who is at one with their inner self doesn't feel good when things are chaotic around them."

Kelly says her messy house makes her feel bad about herself. "I wasn't raised to live like this," she says. "When I come into my home, it should be a place of peace, but it's not for me."

In the basement, Suze stumbles upon a purchase that Nicole says broke her heart—a $1,000 treadmill that represents yet another missed rent payment.

Prior to Suze's intervention, Kelly says she didn't realize she was hurting her sister. "I was in the storm," she says. "When Suze came and kind of used the metaphors of, 'Look at your dishes. This is a sign of your life being chaotic.' I didn't look at any of that that way. ... That let me know that I didn't have respect for myself. ... I realized at that moment how I disrespect my sister and my mom."
FROM: What Happened to the Mom Who Shopped Her Family Broke?
Published on March 14, 2008


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