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It's time for a money intervention with Kelly, so financial expert Suze Orman visits the family for a "Suze smackdown." But before Suze arrives, Kelly drops by Nicole's house unexpectedly, catching everyone by surprise.

"Kelly, we've got someone coming in to help us all understand what's going on and the issues we're having, so we're just trying to get some help for our family," Nicole says. "This is going to be a good thing. I think if we just open our hearts, open our minds, and know this all comes from love, because you know we love you, Kelly."

Kelly says she's ready for help. "I know I depend on my sister and mom a lot, and I know it can be a heavy burden on them," Kelly says. "I'm nervous ... I just know I need some guidance, direction. I don't want to have to always rely on my sister or my mom."

Follow these guidelines if you need to stage your own money intervention.

Suze arrives with some tough love. "It is so obvious that the three of you love each other," Suze says. "But what if I told you that these acts of supposed love are not only destroying her life, but your grandchildren's life? Would you still want to do it?"

When it comes to money, Suze says too many people say yes to their loved ones out of fear. "Fear that she won't love you, fear that the grandkids won't love you. Fear that your daughter won't love you," Suze says. "Today we are going to learn how to say no out of love."
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Published on March 14, 2008