suze orman
Photo: Robert Trachtenberg
For the first seven years after college, I made $400 a month as a waitress—and even back then that was bubkes. Then I landed a job at a major brokerage firm as its first female financial adviser. Talk about intimidating! An office full of MBAs, and here I was a 29-year-old ex-waitress with no formal training. I needed a compelling truth to help me through my fear.

My mantra became I am young, powerful, and successful, and I make at least $10,000 a month. Not an ounce of that was true. I wasn't really that young. Even my friends wouldn't have described me as powerful. As for making $10,000 a month? Not even close. But I was determined to focus on my future as I wanted it to be. There was no "I hope" or "I wish" in my truth.

In moments of fear, your truth should be just as compelling. Keep it short so you can easily remember and recite it. And avoid limiting yourself. Notice, I said at least $10,000.

I repeated these words three times a day, sometimes as a silent recitation when my fears were flaring at the office. Eventually my mantra became my reality.

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