Suze Orman
Photo: Brian Bowen Smith
I know money is tight. I know you're busy. And I know tackling money issues isn't fun. But here's what I also know: You wish you could once and for all get your financial house in order.

A recent study by Prudential Financial found that less than 25 percent of women feel they are "very well prepared" to handle financial matters. Seventy-eight percent said it is very important that they not become a financial burden to their loved ones, but just 24 percent are confident they can pull that off. You don't need all that stress!

What follows is your 2010 financial to-do list. It's divided into three sections. Get a Grip focuses on where you are today: what you have, what you owe. Find Hidden Savings is about making more out of what you have. And Build Security is about knowing where to put all that money you free up. Post this list on the fridge, the bathroom mirror, or your bulletin board, and take it on in little chunks. Make 2010 the year you find your financial confidence.

Step 1: Get a Grip