What Can I Afford?
Bill and Kerry are forgoing their vacation.
Kerry and Bill heard Suze Orman's message about getting honest about your finances loud and clear. With their wedding just weeks away, they were trying to decide if they could afford to take a honeymoon. At first, they planned on Ireland, then they considered Mexico and, lastly, Napa Valley.

After seeing Suze's recession reality check, Kerry and Bill decided to forgo their honeymoon altogether. "After that show, we looked at each other and said: 'We're not going to go anywhere. We'll stay home and chill out,'" Kerry says. "We just decided that the $6,000 we would spend in seven days would better serve us being left in the bank as our emergency cash flow."

Suze says Kerry and Bill are making a good choice for their finances and for their relationship. The number one reason for divorce is fights about money. "So here we have a couple that's getting married and they're doing it the right way," Suze says. "Doing what matters versus doing something they can't afford. I love that."