Hannah has made some major lifestyle changes.

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Hannah has made some major lifestyle changes in the three weeks since Suze's smackdown. First, she set the record straight with her friends and roommates and revealed the truth about her finances. She also moved her car back home to her mom's house in Florida. "I want to sell it," Hannah says. "But I knew that keeping it in Boston while I tried to sell was an expense that I really couldn't afford." Finally, Hannah cut back on luxuries. Now she does her own manicures, brings her lunch to work and has a friend cut her hair for free. She even passed on going out for a big 25th birthday bash and had friends over instead.

With her new lifestyle, Hannah has cut her expenses down to $2,326 a month, which gives her only a $316 per month deficit. Still, Suze says Boston is the most expensive city to live in when it comes to utilities.
FROM: "Can You Afford That?" with Suze Orman
Published on June 06, 2009