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After hearing Suze's message, Michelle sprung into action too. She says she first cut up all the credit cards in her wallet. Then, she erased all the saved credit card information from her favorite online stores.

"We made a plan to be able to get out of credit card debt completely," Michelle says. "What Suze said really hit home for me, which is: We're living a lie as long as we're using these cards to buy things we can't afford, and it stopped that day."

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Not only is Michelle doing the right thing for herself, Suze says she's setting the right example for her two children. "Kids don't listen to what you say, they do what you do. And if you're an honest person and are proud of who you are versus what you have, your children will end up the same way," she says. "Good on you, girlfriend. Good on you!"
FROM: "Can You Afford That?" with Suze Orman
Published on June 06, 2009


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