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Suze says Marla is approved to buy a new set of wheels. "She is out on the roads by herself at night as a nurse delivering [babies]," Suze says. "She's afraid. She is a woman alone, and she has snow. People before money."

Suze says that Marla should buy a car that will have a monthly payment similar to the $316 she pays now. To do that, she'll need to buy a used SUV for approximately $10,000. Suze says Marla can also try to buy the car she has currently, since the lease is up in three months. "You can negotiate big time with them right now when you turn it back in," she says.

The rule of thumb, Suze says, is if you're going to finance a car, don't finance it for more than three years. "If you can't afford the monthly payments on a three-year loan, you cannot afford it," she says.
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FROM: "Can You Afford That?" with Suze Orman
Published on June 06, 2009


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