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Even though Marilyn will take in around $6,500 a month after retirement and plans on spending only about $6,300, Suze says she can't stop working just yet.

First of all, Marilyn has $6,200 of credit card debt at a 14.2 percent interest rate that Suze wants her to pay off before retiring. But Suze says the real reason she thinks Marilyn cannot afford to retire is that women spend more time in retirement than they do working. "After 56, you will have another 30 to 40 years of life," Suze says. "What you did not factor in was inflation. As you get older, you take more medication, you need more help, things become more expensive."

In the current economy, Suze says Marilyn can't count on pensions or health benefits from corporations, because they could cut back or stop them altogether at any time. Marilyn will have to hold off on retirement until she's at least 60 years old, Suze says.

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FROM: "Can You Afford That?" with Suze Orman
Published on June 06, 2009


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