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To be successful at work and at home, Cathie says it helps to have a mentor you can lean on, confide in and learn from. For Meredith Barnett, there was no better mentor than Cathie herself!

Meredith worked with Cathie as an intern in the new digital media group at Hearst while in business school. "Cathie is both a personal mentor, but also a role model for me," Meredith says. "I absolutely look up to her." In fact, she says she was so inspired by Cathie that she felt confident enough to start her own Internet business.

"There's a million reasons not to do any sort of business or any kind of dream that you have. There's always going to be people who say no. There are always going to be people who don't like your idea," Meredith says. "Like Cathie says, just push it forward, push it forward, and don't let anyone say no. I hear Cathie's voice in my head [saying], 'Just be passionate about it.' I do believe that the passion is contagious."
FROM: How to Be a Star at Work and at Home
Published on January 01, 2006


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