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One of the magazines Cathie oversees is very close to Oprah's heartO, The Oprah Magazine! Cathie says she remembers the day when she and Ellen Levine, then-editor of Good Housekeeping, pitched the idea to Oprah in January 1999.

Even though they were told Oprah might not make it to the meeting, Cathie says she and Ellen came fully prepared with a presentationand a video. They visited a mall in Virginia, where they asked women what they would think about an Oprah magazine. "Oh my God, they went crazy. So we had all of this on video for Oprah," Cathie says.

Cathie says they decided to use the video in the presentation to drive the point home. "It immediately engaged her, and then it became a great 45-minute or an hour meeting, and at the end of it, just to keep us on our pins, she said, 'Well, I'm not sure I want to do a magazine but if I do it, I will do it with Hearst,' which is the parent company," Cathie says.

After reflecting on the idea, Oprah decided to go for itand the rest is history. "I'm glad I said yes!" Oprah says.

"Me too!" Cathie says.
FROM: How to Be a Star at Work and at Home
Published on January 01, 2006


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