Jean Chatzky
Nell Scovell, consulting producer on the CBS show NCIS, recently did what many of us consider the unthinkable—she gave up shopping for a whole year. Nell tells Jean she not only saved money, but found a new sense of freedom as well. And while Nell says she'll never do it again, she did learn from the experience, and shares her tips:

  • Concentrate on the basics. During her dry spell, Nell found that she really concentrated on the most versatile, basic items in her closet.
  • Don't let sales sway you. Nell says that her hardest moment came when she saw that her favorite store was having a sale.
  • Gather the support of your friends. Nell's daughter helped her walk by that big sale.
  • Fill your time. Nell says that she wasn't the type to block off an entire day for shopping, so extra time wasn't an issue for her. If it is for you, though, think of other activities—like exercise—to distract you.
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