Jean Chatzky
It's easy for emotions to get involved when the stock market takes you for a roller-coaster ride. To help calm nerves and explain the historical tendencies of the stock market, Jean talks with money manager Hugh Johnson.

Hugh says that individual investors should not get caught up in the near hysteria that can often occur when the market takes a dive. "Based on financial market history, my guess would be, we will work our way though this and muddle through and the longer term bull market will resume," Hugh says. "So no investor should change their basic discipline of putting money into the market on a very disciplined basis."

The weak U.S. dollar is something that many people traveling abroad have noticed, and while Hugh says history tells us that the dollar will be strong once again, in the meantime, it could be helping your diverse portfolio. "You have to have patience and remember the dollar is cheap and it is certainly benefiting the earnings of some major multinational U.S. companies," he says.

The housing market is also a concern for many who have enjoyed profits in the real estate market in recent years. Hugh says it is now a buyer's market, and while prices have declined and will likely fall again, you shouldn't try to wait if you want to buy. "If it is a buyer's market, now is the time to be looking and take a hard look."
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