Bad Money Habits You Can Fix by April 1
You probably don't even realize you're practicing these behaviors—but here's how to stop (and save).
Sipping tea
Graciously Accepting a Complimentary Cup of Green Tea While You Shop for Eye Cream
Why it's bad: Sipping a hot beverage may make you more likely to splurge on a miracle potion. New data from the Journal of Consumer Psychology shows that, when considering a product, we tend to value it more when we simultaneously experience a sensation of warmth. That's because "sensory warmth" increases our feelings of "emotional warmth"—and retailers know that soft and toasty feelings can translate to easy-breezy spending.

How to stop: If a salesperson at the yoga boutique or the high-end beauty shop offers you a cup of herbal tea, politely decline...until you're leaving the store.