Jean Chatzky
Jean talks with marketing consultant and trend forecaster Kate Newlin about reclaiming the shopping experience and using products for self-expression, not just instant gratification. Kate says American consumers are turning into "shopping zombies" who are obsessed with discounts and will buy whatever is available and cheap, rather than what they really need. She recommends consumers become conscious shoppers that not only buy less but buy better.

Ways to Be a Better Shopper
  • Before making a purchase, ask yourself, "Is this something I was really searching for? Or am I just buying it because it's on sale or cheap?"
  • Remember the thrill of the hunt when you find wonderful things that you will treasure for a long time.extension, be sure to notify your company. 
  •  If the first thing you mention after making a purchase is the item's price or the discount amount, rather than the quality of the item or other characteristics that stood out, you probably didn't need it.
  • Only shop at stores where the salesperson knows more than you do.
  • Take time to educate yourself about the products you are buying by asking, "Who made it? Who's selling it? And under what conditions?"
  • Reflect on your most meaningful shopping experiences, perhaps for your wedding gown or first car. Chances are the items that have a story behind them are worth more than any bargain buy.
  • Separate fads from trends before shopping for new clothes or accessories. Cultivate a relationship with a knowledgeable salesperson that can help you add a few new, quality items into your existing wardrobe.
Plus, Jean follows up with Lisa Bradley, one of the participants in Oprah's Debt Diet challenge featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show. After months of hard work and Jean's expert financial coaching, Lisa reports on the progress she's made and shares her amazing success story.
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