The Art of the Detour: See Possibility Around Every Bend
When Susan Richardson's dream career hit a roadblock, she didn't agonize over what could have been. Instead, the now-58-year-old from Andover, Massachusetts, forged ahead over new terrain....
"I studied to be a special ed teacher," she says, "but when I graduated college in 1976, I needed a full-time job, and schools were hiring only part-time. I told myself my first job didn't have to be forever and worked as a secretary at a hearing aid company for a few months while I figured out my next move."

The takeaway: Keeping setbacks in perspective helps keep you open to possibility. Next time you suffer a disappointment, write down the good things in your life. Pen and paper will do the trick, or try the Gratitude Journal app.
—Barbara Fredrickson, PhD, University of North Carolina psychology professor