Put Down the Bacon: Foods That Cost Way, Way More
Find out which grocery items have skyrocketed in price lately (plus, a surprising food that has dropped).
Price Up: Bacon
Experts began predicting that prices would zoom up last year after droughts affected feed crops, and then a new virus affecting pigs migrated to the U.S. this summer, further lowering supply of this high-demand meat. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average cost per pound of bacon has gone up 56 percent in 10 years (from $3.14 to $4.92)—compare that to beef steaks, which are up 41 percent in 10 years. In U.S. cities, the climb has been even steeper. Over the last 12 months alone, the average price of a pound of bacon in urban areas rose 22 percent to $5.62 per pound, up from $4.61 a year earlier. But if you use bacon as an accent instead of a main course, you'll get the salty, smoky flavor without spending as much. This stew recipe calls for just two slices.