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If Teresa and Carlos still don't agree, Suze says to sell only half of the money in their mutual fund. "Why do you have to be an all or nothing investor? Why is it that you always have to do 100 percent of everything with your money or do nothing with it?"

Suze says investing their savings all at once was Teresa and Carlos's first mistake. "In markets that are in turmoil, you never, ever put a hundred percent of your money in one lump sum," she says. "The correct thing that you should have done is you should have taken the money you put in, let's say it's $60,000, and you should have divided it by 12 and invested $5,000 every single month. That way, when the market went down, your money bought more shares. If the market went up, your money would have bought less shares. But the truth of the matter is, you would have averaged your dollars in the cost of it and you wouldn't be down as much as you are right now."

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FROM: Suze Orman with Emergency Financial Advice for America
Published on January 01, 2006


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