Quiz: What's Your Excuse?

What's your excuse for not dealing with your money? For not securing your financial future? Everyone has one (and some people more than one). Believe me, I know. If you do what I do long enough (particularly on national television), people begin coming up to you on street corners and in the dressing room at Loehmann's telling you all the things they're doing wrong with their money.

So, awhile back, I decided to try an experiment. I decided to start collecting excuses. I made a list of all the ones I was hearing most often, then sent my list out over the Internet to my inner circle—my girlfriends, my colleagues, my mother and so on. I asked them to tack on their own excuses, pass the list on and eventually circulate it back to me. The e-mail caught fire. And very quickly I was getting lists back from Montana, Tennessee, name it. And what was most interesting to me was that the same excuses kept popping up over and over again. They provided the impetus to write my latest book, Make Money, Not Excuses.

Here's the way it works: Take the quiz to figure out which excuses are holding you back and what you can do to overcome them and start getting rich!

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PUBLISHED: 06/23/2008