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Rachel is an elementary school teacher who doesn't know the meaning of recess. Though she loves her students, she says she is so overcommitted—with class, meetings and volleyball practice—she doesn't have any time for her personal life. "Pretty much every day of my life I feel overwhelmed," she says. "The job never really ends. It continues on throughout the evening, throughout the weekend."

With her busy schedule, Rachel says she often sacrifices time with her fiancé, Pete. "I think he gets frustrated, too, that I don't give 100 percent to him," she says. "And I give 100 percent to my career." Rachel was feeling so guilty about missing quality time with Pete she decided to buy him a dog to keep him company.

Rachel says she wanted to be a teacher almost her entire life. "Now I'm to the point in my career where I'm not enjoying being in the classroom," she says.

Marcus says Rachel's overcommitment issues at work are an attempt to feel more and that her sadness is not just that she disappoints others, but herself too. He suggests Rachel start to alter her life by doing simple things for herself. "You filled up your life here with so much noise," Marcus says. "You can't really see the voice inside you that was always calling you into the classroom in the first place. And I think that's what we've got to try and get back."