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After the workshop, a team of Marcus's elite coaches worked with each woman—including Vanessa, a pharmaceutical sales rep who says she feels overwhelmed, underappreciated and overworked.

Vanessa and her husband have a beautiful daughter, but Vanessa admits she often feels like a single parent. "My husband is a resident. I just feel like I've constantly put my life on hold for his career. The pressure is horrible. I'm the breadwinner," she says. "I'd rather be spending time with my daughter than dropping her off at a daycare."

Vanessa says she used to love the excitement of her career, but now she just feels drained. "I can't say no. I'm not confrontational," she says. "I want to feel good about going to work, but I continue to load my plate and say yes to everything, when in reality, I don't have the time to do those things."

During her coaching session with Marcus, Vanessa comes to an important realization—the only person she says no to is her daughter. "I think that if I can provide her with financial stability, that's better than reading her a book at night," she says. "Now that I'm talking about it, it just makes me so sad."

To help Vanessa refocus her energy, Marcus says she must dig out of the hole she's created for herself at work. "You keep volunteering for more things to get more recognition and appreciation," he says. "What you're giving up is control. You've given up fuel. Energy. Passion. Purpose. You've given it all up to somebody and some circumstances outside of you."