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After five or six more sessions with Ayesha, Marcus says they finally found her strength. "What she is amazing at ... is finding stories in regular life and writing about them," he says.

Since then Ayesha has started a writing blog, in which she writes about real people and tries to find life lessons in their stories. "You use it as an excuse to meet these people and interview them and tell their story and hope that there's somebody else out there who it will inspire," she says. Ayesha also enrolled in a media boot camp to learn how to do a video version of her blog. She even contacted a friend in the journalism field and now has a part-time internship doing Web production.

Marcus says what Ayesha had been trying to do is impossible. She had buried her dream for years, hoping that one day she'd be able to just dig it up. "But because you're so depleted after 10 years, your perseverance, your feeling of fulfillment and success, is gone. When you try and wake yourself back up, you're not there anymore. You're gone. You are almost unrecognizable to yourself," he says. "Strengths are a map, and they can help you know where you are, they can help you find a new way forward, they can help you tell someone else where you are. They do everything a map does."


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