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Because Ayesha works from home, she says she has trouble distinguishing where work life starts and her home life ends. "I alternate between work and my personal life all day until 2 in the morning. It's both things all the time," she says. "I feel tortured all the time—24 hours a day."

The all-day nature of her job makes it difficult for her to focus on work for any longer than an hour. "When you enjoy doing dishes more than you enjoy work, you have to wonder," she says.

Marcus says his coaching session with Ayesha was one of the most challenging of his career. When Ayesha started writing down all of the things she didn't like about her job—green cards indicate strengths, while red cards indicate weakness—everything was red. "She wrote down all the things she loathed in a week, which was basically her job description," Marcus says. "Which is a problem."

The abundance of red cards for Ayesha was troubling. "We see your red cards, and we know that your job is not calling that calling," Marcus says. "My job is to go, 'What is it then? What is it that strengths you? Where are the green cards?'"


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