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Making a living pursuing what you are passionate about may seem like a dream out of reach to many of us. According to Fran Harris, it is possible. Jean talks with Fran about her new book, Will the Real You Please Stand Up?, a seven-step guide aimed at helping people discover their purpose and live it with passion.

A former WNBA star and corporate businesswoman, Fran has experienced success both on and off the court. As a guard for the Houston Comets, Fran was a part of championship-winning teams. As a sales executive at a Fortune 500 company, she has also climbed the corporate ladder. Fran says she left her six-figure salary job after writing her first book. She says she came up with a financial plan that allowed her to leave her job and follow her true calling of becoming an author, inspirational speaker and business coach. "We do spend a lot of our lives at work, so if you are not going to get anything right, get that right," Fran says. "Get your passion; get what really makes your heart sing. Get that part, because that will free you up to live an even fuller life."

While leaving a secure, full-time job may not be financially possible for you, Fran says there are smaller steps you can take to pursue your passion and discover the real you:
  • Find your passion. Fran says you should ask yourself, "What am I passionate about?" It doesn't have to be a marketable skill, just something that makes you happy. "We find ourselves in the things we are passionate about," Fran says. "We find out things about ourselves, we find new things about us we didn't even know existed."
  • Find courage. Carve out time in your day to pursue your passion, Fran says. "I help people find that time in their schedule to get that passion in there, even if it is only an hour a week," Fran says.
  • Run the numbers. Fran says you should figure out your finances and find out what it would take to make your passion your career.
  • Test out your passion. Shadow someone who is making a living doing what you would like to do, Fran says. Obtain an apprenticeship in the industry you want to be in, and if possible, moonlight in you spare time. Practicing your passion is an important key to success.
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