Jean Chatzky
Megan Murphy, a business development expert, talks to Jean about where she began her career, where she ended up and everything in between. Megan has worked in a variety of fields, including trading and investment banking. She eventually found her way into a creative field as the vice president of business development for AnswersMedia Inc., which helps companies connect with their customers through electronic media communications. Megan shares her advice for maneuvering your way through the workplace:
  • In any workplace environment, it's more important than ever to utilize good communication skills, Megan says.
  • Develop abilities that help you work well with a team, and get others to do the same. Megan says women are especially adept at teamwork.
  • Don't get stuck. Companies need different perspectives, so just because you have business skills and not creative skills, doesn't mean you can't excel in a variety of positions.
  • Listen to your gut.
  • Take a chance and be prepared to earn a little less than you might be used to.
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