Jean Chatzky
Before becoming the first African-American woman to run a major mainstream magazine, journalist and editor Amy DuBois Barnett faced her fair share of challenges. At 22, her mother passed away and she found herself living in a basement apartment with no money and little hope. Through hard work, dedication and a positive outlook, Amy says she was able to achieve success in both her personal and professional life. Amy shares with Jean the key lessons that she says can help anyone find success in theirs.

  • Embrace your fears. Fear is an indication of personal growth, Amy says. Unless you take risks and go outside your comfort zone, you'll never reach your full potential. "That's how you know that you're growing as a person, whether in your professional life or in your personal life," Amy says.
  • Realize your self-worth. The first step toward making any real changes in your life is recognizing your value as a person—imperfections and all. "Accept who you are, be grateful for who you are and then fall in love with the core of who you are," she says.
  • Walk through the world with confidence. When you exude confidence and believe in yourself, you will attract success into your life, Amy says. "If I put the energy out there that I am capable, that I am smart, that I am interesting, that I am having a good time in my life, then that's what I've always gotten back," Amy says.
  • Take ownership of your life. Every individual is responsible for securing his or her own happiness and dreams. "Success is a mindset and you just have to prepare yourself to achieve in all areas of your life," Amy says.
  • Secure your financial freedom. Being smart with money gives you independence, options and a safety net in case of emergencies. Amy says the surest route to financial security is to follow your bliss. "The more you enjoy what you do, the more success you will have, and therefore the more money you will earn ultimately," she says.
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