O's Leadership Conference
Angelique Kidjo at the White House Project event
Rock and Rule!
Singer Angelique Kidjo got Women Rule! off to a spirited start in New York City this June.

White House Project leaders
Kidjo (far left) with a few of the other trailblazers who led the conference (from left): American Express's Susan Sobbott, O's Gayle King, White House Project president Marie Wilson, and Cause & Affect's Meredith Blake.

Two of the 80 White House Project winners
Two of the 80 winners, Jennifer Stimpson (left) and Tanya Moore, pair up at a workshop.

Mee Moua at the White House Project event
More trailblazing by Mee Moua (right), who was born in a bamboo hut in Laos and became a Minnesota senator.

Rahama Wright at the White House Project event
Rahama Wright signs a mural with the other winners before heading off to change the world.

Get started! Visit O's White House Leadership Project to meet each of the 80 winners, plus find resources to help you turn your own dreams into action.