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For 30 years, Liz Franklin has been helping people organize their offices, homes and lives. The author of How to Get Organized Without Resorting to Arson, Liz says you can become more productive and profitable by organizing your workspace. "My clients double and triple their income—it is so amazing what can happen," she says. "People get so grateful, they are prosperous. It is sort of like there was a big bump in the road and [it] gets removed."

Liz talks with Jean about the different organizing styles she has discovered over the years and shares tips that can help anyone get organized.
What's Your Organizing Personality?

  • The Sparklebrain: These people are highly creative and very good at designing, decorating, hosting and entertaining, but Liz says they fall short in one important area. "The downside for those people is they don't tend to finish things," she says. While they can create beautiful things, Liz says being practical and following up on things is not one of their strengths.
  • The Linear: They are very good at math, science and engineering, but Liz says they don't operate on the same timetable as everyone else. "They tend to move not quickly or slowly but in one path, not multitasking," she says. Linears like things simple and straightforward, Liz says.
  • The Cross-Dominant: These people use both sides of their brains, but the two sides are always vying for dominance, Liz says. "Like many people who are entrepreneurial, you would be a great manager for anything because you have a great overview," she says. "The downside is you need to delegate more, you don't nurture yourself and you tend to do other people's jobs for them."
Easy Ways to Get Organized

  • Liz says everyone can benefit from a U-shaped desk. "What you need is access," she says. "If you swing your arms around, you make a circle. So what we need is [to have our] paper flow, tools and everything else follow the shape of how we behave."
  • Boxes with lids and those that can be easily labeled are another tool that Liz says can help you gain easy access to stuff.
  • Put sticky notes on each piece of paper or bill on your desk and label them with a verb and a date. "Let's say you have a pile on one side of you that is not sorted," Liz says. "Bring it in front of you, put a sticky [note] on it that says 'pay bill' and the date when it is due. Then you can sort them by due date."
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