The quickest way to get yourself back on the right path is to stop spending. Use these suggestions to help cut back so you can move forward!

  • Don't carry credit cards in your purse (only debit/ATM)
  • Write checks, pay cash
  • Turn down credit line increases
  • Create specific funds for special occasions, like holiday presents, vacations, anniversaries, etc.
  • Tell friends what you're trying to do to rally support
  • Don't run up bills you can't pay in full at the end of the month
  • Pay credit card bills on time to avoid late fees
  • Make no more than one ATM visit a week
  • Don't be seduced by credit card offers such as airline miles 
  • Barter for goods and services using your talents, gifts and skills.
  • Do swap parties where you and friends exchange goods like clothes, shoes, handbags, household items, etc.
  • Don't be enticed to open new credit cards at retail stores just to get the discounts.
  • Opt-out of overdraft coverage on checking accounts.
  • Use pre-paid, reloadable debit cards.
  • Use the envelope system and spend only cash allocated in advance.
  • Choose an accountability partner help you stay the course.

Step 5: Create a monthly spending plan

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