10 Money Decisions You'll Always Regret
Live fully, move in the direction of the future and regret nothing! Well, except that late-night, infomercial Roomba purchase...and these other ill-advised financial moves.
Beauty products
Splurging on Too-Precious-to-Use Cosmetics
We know that no matter what claims a commercial makes, a product won't change our lives without some work on our end (we're looking at you, dust-collecting Bowflex in the basement). And yet...the fancy pot of eye cream. We fall for the eye cream. And it's $150. And we splurge. But obviously we can't use $150 eye cream every day without thinking, "Well, that smear was $2 well spent. SIGH." So we save it, treasure it, dole it out meagerly on only the most sleep-deprived of eye-baggy mornings...only using half the jar before it expires. The lesson here? If you're going to splurge on the finer things, at least have the decency to really, really enjoy them.