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The Addiction: Coupon Sites
Why It's Making You Poorer: It's a discount! On a massage! Which you definitely have time to get! So you buy it, and print the coupon, and put it in a drawer. Three months later, when you have time to go, you take out the coupon—and it's no longer valid.

If you’ve been there, you’re not alone. Twenty to 40 percent of Groupon deals never get redeemed.

How to Stop: Take a deep breath. Scroll to the bottom of that daily deals e-mail. And then, hit the Unsubscribe button. If you’re subscribed to a ton of different coupon services and don’t want to deal with getting out of all of them individually, consider using, which will securely remove your e-mail from all the daily deals lists you’re on in two quick steps.

Can’t kick the habit completely? Try using, a site that lets you import all your daily deals accounts to one place, then tracks them for you, letting you know if they’re going to expire and giving you a marketplace to sell them to others if you can’t use them.