Jean Chatzky
With all the buzz around the stock market these days, many people feel like they've missed the boat. Jean talks to James Glassman, editor-in-chief of The American and a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, about what you can do to stay on top of the investing world. Glassman stresses the importance of investing for the long term—something that can be difficult to do when emotions run high. Here are his other tips:

  • Don't snub smaller companies.
  • In terms of asset allocation, take bigger risks while you're young. If possible, stick with stocks until you're 40 years old, then start diversifying your funds.
  • If you'd rather bank on a smoother ride, purchase some bonds—but know that they will naturally depress your return.
  • Judge companies you're considering investing in by category, not by country. If you need an automotive stock, for example, it might be worth your while to look outside the United States.
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