5 Little Fixes That Save You Hundreds of Dollars
No complicated equipment or handyman skills necessary: These simple solutions can help you avoid bigger problems—and professionals' fees—down the road.
Curtain rod
Straighten Out a Slouchy Curtain Rod
When carpenter Thad Mills visits people's houses on Home Made Simple, he starts his work with the curtain rods, many of which are sloped, sagging or about one exasperated sigh away from falling off the wall. Stucco or plaster walls are usually to blame, which crumble when you try to screw in the rod, resulting in a less-than-sturdy hold, Mills says. Try pre-drilling the holes using a smaller drill bit than the screw you want to use. This allows you to twist the screw into the wall without tearing it up. Also, if you rehang the rod an inch or two higher, your ceilings will look taller and the curtains can hide the original holes.