Jean Chatzky
Would you be happy if six months from now you are in the same job, doing the same thing, with the same people? If your answer is no, it may be time to look for a new job, says Mary Lou Quinlan, a columnist with More magazine and founder and CEO of the consulting firm Just Ask a Woman. Jean talks with Mary Lou about a checklist of things you should do before you take the plunge and leave your job:

  • Don't leave your job until you have another one lined up. Mary Lou says the only time this rule does not apply is if your physical or mental health is being affected by your job.
  • Cultivate your networks. Talk with old colleagues and friends and get a feel for any job opportunities that match your skills, Mary Lou says.
  • Determine whether you just want a new job or if you want to follow your passion in a new career. "The calling you have for a passion is different," Mary Lou says. "It is a more emotional tug you can feel."
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