Jean Chatzky
It's no secret that working moms often struggle to achieve balance. They feel pulled in many directions and are on call virtually all hours of the day and night. That's why Allison O'Kelly says she launched Mom Corps in July 2005, a service that works to place moms in jobs that fit their schedule.

Mom Corps has offices, run by working moms, in several cities across the country, with 3,500 moms enrolled in the program. Whether the candidate wants to work half days, part-time, from home or full-time, Mom Corps has jobs that offer the flexibility to meet moms' needs. Jean talks to Allison about how Mom Corps works:
  • The companies moms are matched with are flexible. Often, if a company needs someone 30 hours a week, they will work with applicants to achieve a balance—maybe 20 hours in the office and 10 hours from home.
  • Mom Corps works with everything from Fortune 500 companies to small, up-and-coming businesses.
  • Working moms are efficient by nature—and those that apply through Mom Corps are also talented, dedicated and engaging.
  • Allison says industries across the board need the workers, from accounting to old line.
  • The company has both hourly positions and part-time permanent positions to meet every need. Some people love the flexibility that comes with hourly jobs, while others prefer stability.
  • Companies looking for job candidates pay for the service with no charge to the moms.