The Bradleys' Financial Struggles
Jean Chatzky and Lisa Bradley
Financial expert Jean Chatzky moves in with the Bradleys to coach them through the Debt Diet! As soon as she arrives, Jean and Lisa get to work sorting through the Bradley's massive piles of bills and paperwork to figure out how much debt they really have. It's a painstaking process—and Jean is beginning to realize that the problem may be even bigger than she expected. Jean discovers additional bills that weren't on the Bradleys original credit report. "This is unbelievable," says Jean. "We knew the situation was bad. We didn't know it was this bad."

After 12 grueling hours of work, Jean questions how serious Lisa is about getting out of debt. "I think she has secrets," Jean says. "I think she is lying about a number of things and I am going to call her on it—because unless she is honest with me, I can't help her."