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After a few days of tracking their spending, Jean sits down with Lisa and Steven to assess their progress. Jean totals up their weekly spending and discovers that Lisa spent $284—that's twice her allowance. "That is money that is not in your budget," Jean says.

Lisa says part of the reason she went over the budget was to buy a new outfit for her daughter Madison. Steven says Lisa isn't admitting the whole truth. Finally, Lisa confesses that she also took Madison to get her hair done at a salon. "I know you love your daughter and I know you want her to look good," says Jean, "but you've got to watch it."

Jean says Lisa needs to consider how her shopping will affect her children. "Your image is a lie," Jean tells Lisa. "You don't want your daughter to grow up feeling like she needs 'things' to make her happy. ... We're going to strip away all the layers of your onion and you are going to realize what an incredible person you are without all the stuff."

"That's what real living is," says Oprah.
FROM: The Debt Diet: Part 2
Published on January 01, 2006
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